About ixmedic

What is ixmedic?

ixmedic is a web-based, cloud hosted online hospital management system originally launched in 2020. The goal of this project is to provide hospital administrators a clean, simple interface to manage their patients, doctors, staffs, inventory, laboratorty tests etc.
ixmedic also allows them to schedule and manage doctor appointments, which is a crucial part of any hospital's workflow. Currently the whole project is being rebuilt from the ground up to make it much more efficient and robust.
The development of ixmedic is being logged in the official Twitter account, Facebook Page & IndieHackers Page

What do we bring to the table?

ixmedic is completely web-based. Meaning you can access your data from any device, whether it is the computer at your office, or your smartphone.
ixmedic is also comes jam packed with useful features like Patient Management, Staff Management, Payroll Management, Income & Expense Tracking and much more (To see full list of features, visit our Features Page)

At ixmedic, we believe a software shouldn't just only work smoothly but also look smooth. That's why we've put our time to make it look good as well making it work good.


An online web-based cloud hosted hospital management system

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